I'm Andrew Mullen, a self taught photographer from San Diego California. No Third person narrative needed, my biography isn't all that great. no need to brag about accomplishments, silly print names, or over the top photograph descriptions. I'm just a guy who has a huge passion for travel and photography. who enjoys sharing the beauty of his travels through his own eyes.
My beginnings are like any other photographer. With the help of photography books and Online research i was able to teach myself the basics of photography and more about camera settings. all though it was Through trial and error that i was able to learn the most, not only with photo techniques and angles, but with the style and quality of the actual prints as well.
 To me, all forms of art speaks for itself and it speaks to everyone differently. It shouldn't matter how famous the artist or how many awards they have earned. a photograph will have its own meaning to each individual. a gallery is no place for a salesman. The Art will sell itself.
 beauty is all around us. I'm just here to help others see it.